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Insight Links for Jun 22

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Insight Links for Aug 4, 6:00 am

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Insight Links for Jul 21, 6:00 am

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  • Help Stop the Epidemic of Mindlessness- Living Mindfully and Conscious Evolution, Robin Wood @ R2 Global Meshwork:
  • Why we care? The Gulf & the Amazon, Dan Ariely @ Dan Ariely:
    There are a few topics that Mother Teresa and Joseph Stalin agreed on, other than the cause for human apathy. So I suspect that both would be surprised – as I am — about the reaction to the BP oil spill. If six months ago someone were to describe to …
  • Behavioral finance lesson – frequent flyer points?, Dan Ariely @ Dan Ariely:
    Here is an email that I got last week from a financial planner: Dear Dan. My hourly model lets clients use whatever retail custodian they like.  For various reasons, I tend to recommend the two best as Vanguard and Fidelity.  I go over the pros and the cons …
  • 20th July 2010: Advice to a Young Researcher 1, Alex @ Alex Burns:
    I have mid-term and long-term goals for your personal ‘program of research’. This may involve multiple streams of research, collaborative projects, forming national and international teams, and building the reputation and status of your field and discipline. A mid-term goal may be three to five years away whilst a long-term …
  • Role Model for Sustainable Living in the Corporate World: Carrie Freeman, Robin Wood @ R2 Global Meshwork:

    Can a young woman make a difference in an 80,000-employee strong male-dominated IT multinational corporation with offices in 150 countries? Carrie Freeman never imagined spearheading a Sustainability Program at the largest semi-conductor manufacturing company in the world. However, she did know early on, growing up in Cortez, Colorado…