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Heart Healing helps you connect deeper with your heart, the hearts of others and the heart of life…. feeling through what’s ready to open into more love so you can live it as ever increasing presence, passion and pleasure.


Welcome to a connection designed to support your healing and enable your endless awakenings… into embodying your sovereign presence, engaging life with passion and purpose, and fostering sensually alive relationships with deepening heart communion.

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These are my best offerings to support your unique path’s unfolding: accessing the healing supports, learning the tools, and recieving the activations that can truly empower you to live from the Heart of life: to be ever-deepening your living in love, as love and from love. 

Heart Healing is a form of Integral Psychotherapy. You can read about what Integral Psychotherapy is, and some of the more distinct modalities I integrate in my version of it, here.

Based in Melbourne, I work in person throughout Australia, and online globally. Get in touch to discuss how I might best serve you.

With love and respect,


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We are all so blessedSome people have a tendencyTo ripen like mangoesWeathering whateverThe seasons inflictSomehow managingTo grow radiantly soft Effortlessly offeringA luscious abundanceOf intoxicating aromasAnd eventually becomingSo full with sweetnessThey entirely...

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No matter how hard you work, how clear your intent is, how well you network, who you get mentored by, how massive your action is, or what you pray to, feel or embody... there's absolutely no guarantee you'll ever be successful, get what you want or manifest your...

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Orgasms, Kundalini, Awakening & Embodiment – WTF?

Orgasms, Kundalini, Awakening & Embodiment – WTF?

I sat down to do some website update tasks tonight and instead this poured out of me. I'm not sure how I feel about it all, if I agree with it all, or if it's all true or not. Maybe 80/20 all round. What do you think? KUNDALINI CHITI SHAKTI IS…. Kundalini Chiti Shakti...

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