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Releasing Past Life Religious Karmic Contracts with Kali Durga

September 29, 2019 @ 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM AEST

Releasing Religious Karmic Contracts

Releasing Past Life Religious Karmic Contracts with Kali Durga

Come and release the vows that are binding your soul and psyche to a limited life trajectory.

Unshackle your life force, broaden your horizons and spread your wings ready to fly: released, renewed and re-owning Your Self.

In an accessible yet potent ritual we will invoke the deity Durga for empowerment and protection, use Karmic Release Statements, Emotional Clearing Tools and simple free flowing movement and conscious breathing to release the vows of servitude, poverty, chastity, fidelity and other outdated limitations on our embodied lives and future spiritual attainment and freedoms.

You don’t need to believe in past lives, or that imprints of the vows of your ancestors live within you. JUST BEING OPEN to releasing unconscious restrictions, heavy energies and stuck emotions that no longer serve you will create a space for things to shift, so you can step into a more free, more empowered YOU: Free to make new decisions, CONSCIOUSLY.

You are FREE throughout the ritual to choose to not release particular vows, contracts and agreements – from this life or past lives. The point is to bring you to, and support you in, a position of EMPOWERED CONSCIOUS CHOICE in your life.

Durga is the inspiration for and empowerment force of this day… hence her picture as the banner… and we will be chanting a mantra to attract Her grace (generate that quality of energy). Durga, the invincible, is an irresistible warrior goddess who can defeat all that threatens peace and spiritual progress. The fierce face of the protective Mother Goddess of All, she uses destruction to empower (re)creation and enable personal liberation. She manifests Kali, her most ferocious form, when needed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durga



$88 per person

Please pay online here: https://www.trybooking.com/BEWUT

Or confirm via Private Message you’ll pay cash on arrival.

Financial Hardship discounts available upon application.


This ritual is one of three during A Weekend of Ritual Alchemy when Chris is visiting Canberra. If you pre-book all three events you get the discounted price of $222.

Direct links to all three:
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– Saturday: The Alchemist – A Ritual For Embodying Your Magic https://www.facebook.com/events/2417339671877875/
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No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If for some reason you cannot make the evening you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or you have credit for services from the facilitators.



Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. An experienced meditation facilitator, he helps people open to new depths of healthy relating, meaning and action in the world.

Supported By: Ben Maron is a healer and coach bringing together tools from various modalities. Ben is committed to helping beings on their journey of healing and awakening – clearing their baggage and connecting to their gifts to help the world in this time of transition – If you’re feeling the call to be part of the change and want support – Ben would love to support you! http://www.benmaron.com/testimonials.html


“I want to thank you so much for this morning. I’m so sorry I couldn’t speak about my experience, I literally couldn’t talk as my release was so intense…tears, screams, pounding the floor! However after I felt so calm, almost empty….an empty vessel which can now consciously be filled! I still feel I have further release needed around God, and deserving love but the layers are being peeled. Thank you…the timing of this is perfect… so many blessings to you brother!”

Natalie Schmitt

“I have attended many of Chris’s workshops’ and I can safely attest to this fact, that the ‘Past Life Religious Contracts Karmic Release’ workshop, has been, by far, the most potent, in terms of it’s deeply transformative and life changing effects. After the workshop, I naturally had several “seismic” shifts in my emotions, mindset and energetic body, like I have never experienced before and I soon made favourable changes in my life that were completely aligned with my most authentic, conscious and empowered self.

I highly recommend this deep, inner, soul work for any one genuinely seeking to release old psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic baggage.

Chris creates and sustains, a very safe, protective and supportive environment for all persons involved on the journey, both during and after the event.

Chris’s gentle, humble, kind, and supportive approach is genuinely accommodating and mighty powerful! Most importantly, the grace of Goddess Durga and Kali are colossal forces of nature that are never to be under-estimated during the event (regardless of one’s belief system) and the divine grace and mysteries continue to unfold in one’s life!”

An Anonymous Ananda

“Chris has got some magic mysterious shamanic power. Every time I do work with him, beforehand I always feel very strong resistance and fear but through the events with the mysterious processing I always feel lighter and much clearer. After I have felt deep and ancient sadness and interesting dreams come to show me some messages. It was hard to use word to describe but amazing experience. Very recommended!”

Hsiu Fan Yu

“I exercise a lot of discernment when attending workshops these days and hadn’t been to one for some months but I couldn’t ignore the subtle signals that called me to attend Chris’ inaugural ‘Releasing Karmic Religious Contracts’ Ritual a month or so back.

Chris set up and held a really safe space which, as a facilitator myself, I know is vital when inviting people to step into the realms of the unknown.

What really worked for me was the full invitation to move my body and make sound as I needed to in response to the various ‘contracts’ that Chris read out as an invitation to clear.

Some didn’t resonate at all but WOW, some really saw me shaking and sounding in ways that indicated to me that something was being dislodged. The fact that there was such contrast in my response to different contracts was a clear indicator that this was working through me.

I’m a strong believer in multi-modal work and I really appreciated how Chris has drawn on his expertise with emotional clearing, his connection to the medicine of the deities along with breath work and meditative practices to create a unique offering that delves realms of human experience that are not often touched on.

If this work is at all speaking to you I highly recommend you do as I did and convert your curiosity into action and step into the unknown.”

Stacia Karina Beazley


September 29, 2019
12:30 PM - 5:00 PM AEST
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Kama Scout Hall
Birch Pl, Macquarie
Canberra, ACT 2614 Australia
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