Heart Healing For A Better Tomorrow

Energetic Healing | Embodied Awakening | Conscious Relating

Astro-Weather Insight Session

$250.00 60 minutes

1 Hour (allow 1.5 hours)

Let’s look at your birth chart and the current astro-weather transits for insights that enable your innate knowing to shine light on your situation and your pathway forward.

We’ll take the Embodied Astrology approach, working with the 44 divinely human archetypes and lunar nodes and solar/lunar eclipses, drawing from collective prismatic wisdom to inform your sense making on where you are and what you can be and do next.

It’s always rich, there’s always more threads to look into after one of these sessions. Working archetypally with totality and how it lives through you is like that: endlessly coming more home to your unique divine self and life.

These sessions take a fair bit of preparation work, so please do also make note of your current questions in the ‘additional information’ section on the checkout page when you book in – thank you.

Sessions are delivered via GoogleMeet/Zoom or phone.

Heart Healing