Heart Healing For A Better Tomorrow

Energetic Healing | Embodied Awakening | Conscious Relating

Energetic Renewal Journey

$888.00 60 minutes

6 x 1 Hour (allow 1.5 hours per session)

An Energetic Renewal Journey is for you if you’ve experienced an energy meditation with me, such as a Vortex Healing session, or have done repeated Embodied Astrology sessions with me, and are:

  • needing support during major illness, injury or other stressful period in your life;
  • desiring deep nourishment to enliven your body-mind system;
  • want to gracefully dissolve conditioning involved in core life issues; or
  • wish to deepen your mindfulness, presence, connection to source insights and truth,  and/or your meditation practice.

No belief or activity is required for these sessions. You can sit or lay down and rest or be more present, speaking about what you’re experiencing, asking questions, even moving to process as you feel inspired – all is welcome. The sessions can even be delivered remotely without any phone or other digital connection.

We will schedule the additional 5 sessions at the end of the first. The total 6 hours can be combined or spread out at intervals that feel right to you.

Sessions are usually delivered online via GoogleMeet/Zoom, or phone.

If you wish to combine your hours into an extended session format, please contact Chris to confirm scheduling first.

Heart Healing