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Full Moon Grounding Meditation – Invoking Shiva And Gaia


On the day of 2nd October 2020, when this group guided meditation was recorded live via zoom, the Sun was conjunct Shiva, the Aries Full Moon conjunct Yeshua and Chiron. It was a great time to be calling on the grace of the divinely healthy masculine deities, the divinely healthy yang archetypes, and invoking how they anchor down into Mother Nature, to Earth, to Gaia, to become more established in us too. But so is anytime you feel like evolving this conscious union within yourself and with life.

Includes 2 minute introduction and then a 60 minute guided meditation. Headphones or a good stereo system recommended.

People report that repeated listening deepns the experience. Let me know how you go!

(eg $0-$25)

Heart Healing