Heart Healing For A Better Tomorrow

Energetic Healing | Embodied Awakening | Conscious Relating

A Tantric-Shamanic Empowerment Process For Men™

  • Your orgasmic potential is vaster than we’ve been told.
  • Your capacity for deep presence, embodied pleasure and potent leadership is boundless.
  • Your lingam can connect you to your whole being, to life, your lover, and reveal the divine in all.

Lingam Awakening™ is a ground-breaking transformative approach for men’s intimacy and sexual empowerment that integrates ancient wisdom from many cultures with modern scientific knowledge guided by insights from practical experience.

It was initiated by Matt Small and I collaborated with him to bring the best of each of our gifts together to create a comprehensive archetypal activation and integration process. Going through it repeatedly ourselves it was epically life enhancing!

This process will help you open to your depths, activate your embodied powers and instil practices for the unfolding of your Lingam Awakening journey. Men CAN have whole body orgasms, be multi-orgasmic and experience long lasting orgasmic states. Your orgasmic potential as a man is endless!

When the potentials within your lingam becomes more owned, anchored and filled with your loving consciousness, you will know, feel and access your true sexual power, presence and pleasure.


Deep transformation from the inside out at a level appropriate for you. You will be guided safely by trauma informed facilitation with your personal choice and wellbeing as the top priorities. You will actualise your innate potentials to the degree you are ready and do the practices. Lingam Awakening is here to support you to:

> Claim your sexual power, potency and freedom
> Anchor and empower your Heart Lingam connection
> Activate the pillar of consciousness hidden within your lingam
> Awaken the intelligence, sensitivity and unique powers hidden within your lingam
> Become a better lover, having longer, deeper more connected sex
> Connect more deeply, sensitively and energetically with yourself and your lover
> Heal distorted sexual programming
> Learn techniques for healing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
> Embody your unique erotic sex god within

Lingam Awakening™

$2,777.00 2 hours 30 minutes

9 x 2.5 Hour (allow 3.5 hours per session)

Lingam Awakening™ is a Tantric-Shamanic Empowerment Process For Men™ (and suitable candidates of different genders).

It helps you integrate the shadows and activate the potency of nine key masculine archetypes. When the potentials within your lingam become more owned, anchored and filled with your loving consciousness, you will know, feel and access more of your true sexual power, presence and pleasure. And live these in your relationships.

Each session is an intensive deep dive into a divine masculine archetype, Shamanic Clearing and Karmic Releasing through its shadows and using dynamic meditations in the Astrological Medicine Wheel and potent Activation Practices to empower their unique healthy embodiment and expression through your being.

We will schedule the additional 8 sessions at the end of the first. Online sessions are delivered via GoogleMeet/Zoom, provided you have a copy of The Astrolacle in hand. In-person sessions are currently not available, unless you can supply the venue and additional travel fees: please contact Chris to discuss.

Small group pricing available. If you gather a small group, ie 2 or more people, a discounted rate will increase with each additional participant.

Please allow up to 3.5 hours per session, and aim to only have down time for integration before sleep that evening.

Best undertaken after completing the Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey (that includes The Spiral) first.


What Others Say About Lingam Awakening…

“Great Facilitators. Great Team. Creative and powerful processes. Felt empowered and enlightened and secually open. I’m sure this process will continue to work me. I thoroughly recommend Lingam Awakening to Every Man.” ~ Rod Goodridge

“The experience I had with Lingam Awakening far exceeded my expectations. In fact deciding to go into this I simply trusted my instincts and also having done tantric workshops with Matt Small on previous occasions. I knew the space would have a grounded authenticity. The work was a full body experience and personally I was able to reach altered states that brought me to a new level of clarity and self love.” ~ Adam Singer

“The facilitation was well paced and the format was well organised and flowed well. I feel that this cracked me open nicely and am looking forward to exploring how this presents itself over the next period.” ~ Chris Evans

Heart Healing