Heart Healing For A Better Tomorrow

Energetic Healing | Embodied Awakening | Conscious Relating

Discovery Session

$50.00 60 minutes

30 Minutes (allow 1-1.5 hours)

In this short online session you get to experience my approach, have your questions answered and find out if working together further is aligned.

During our conversation I’ll explain in detail how I approach and hold session work: essential boundaries, process principles, modalities, and overall service philosophy. Inside this structured container I’ll then invite you to share a bit about your background with transformational work, the current state of your emotional, mental and relational health, and what’s drawing you to more. From here we’ll discuss how we might work together, and possibly conduct a mini-session so you can sample the techniques and we can both learn how your system responds. If either of us don’t think we’re a fit for further work together I can usually at least provide some suggestions for how to proceed, and possibly recommend other practitioners who might best suit your needs.

If you’re not yet interested in session work, but have a specific topic, modality or industry issue or other discussion you’d like to get my input on, this is also the best way to book it in.

These sessions are usually conducted via phone, or via Zoom upon request.

Heart Healing