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Relationship Renewal Journey

$999.00 75 minutes

6 x 75minutes (allow 2 hours per session)

A Relationship Renewal Journey is for couples to be held together in presence, inviting grace and support to open to new levels of health, intimacy and agency in their dynamic. These sessions provide couples with psychotherapeutically informed spiritual coaching and emotional-energetic transformational supports to:

  • go deeper in their intimacy together;
  • evolve their relational dynamics; or
  • facilitate transition rituals through major relationship changes, renewals, the loss of a loved one, or sacred seperation.

The support offered is trauma, attachment, systems, and cultural dynamics informed, accessible to people of any religious or spiritual belief, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

We will schedule the additional 5 sessions at the end of the first. These can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or combined into a weekend retreat. Sessions are delivered online via GoogleMeet/Zoom. If wishing for an intensive schedule please contact Chris to confirm details first.

Heart Healing