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The Longevity Healings Journey

We are likely all familiar with the basic science behind longevity and a healthy functioning life, and while we might talk about these things, this journey isn't focused on trying to get any better at these:

  • eat well (plant focused without mammals),
  • eat less often (once a day or within 8 hours),
  • eliminate lollies, sugary drinks and coffee and other addictions like smoking and excessive alcohol,
  • get plenty of regular sleep,
  • lose your breath for 10 minutes three times a week working all your muscle groups,
  • use supplements (for antioxidants, increasing insulin sensitivity, bone health, optimised energy production and use etc),
  • get the benefits of moderate exposure to hot and cold temperatures,
  • learn not to stress over the little things, and how to de-stress from the big things, and
  • maintain meaningful social connections and engaging passions.

The general logic underpinning all these suggestions is they impact our epigenetics: the highly changeable layer wrapped around our DNA that instruct our genes on what to express, where and when. This includes the expressions of aging: the general declines in vitality and capability, and instigating many illnesses.

BUT in addition to these approaches many cultures have historically focused on two other critical areas that our Western 21st century cultures don't adequately address: the harmony, flow and vitality of our emotional and energetic currents. THESE factors are what this journey is focused on addressing: reducing the negative pressures that emotional and energetic densities put on our genetic expression via our epigenome.

Drawing on the inherited wisdom distilled into 5 Element Healing, The Longevity Healings Journey will work through the elements of fire, earth, metal, water, wood, and the key functional organs related to them, using Emotional Clearing, Shamanic Clearing (and maybe Karmic Releasing) and Energetic Healing to meaningfully lighten the load of emotional and energetic densities negatively impacting the body's functionality and inviting the restoration of more vital long lasting energetics. We will also explore other practices you might take up after this journey to regularly support your health and vitality.

We won't know however, for hopefully a long time to come, if these efforts will directly contribute to a healthy longevity, but we'll know the benefits are aligned to that by noticing the kinds of changes we can expect to track unfolding in the days, weeks and months following this journey's sessions.

These changes can be subtle yet profound, and include the brightening of our internal weather, greater clarity and health in our relationships to other people and various aspects of life, and overall an increased sense of being more easefully, consciously present in and as our bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, subtle and causal.

Our internal weather can brighten in many ways including:

  • feeling more grounded, clear, spacious, and easefully alert and present
  • less mental rumination,
  • less emotional reactivity,
  • less sense of emotional and energetic heaviness, weight and density
  • more ease in and space around the flow of emotions,
  • faster and smoother self-regulation in response to dynamic situations,
  • more physical and energetic vitality,
  • a refined and richer pallet of felt sensations that continues to expand,
  • the opening and deepening of energetic currents through the body and being exchanged in interactions with other beings and nature, and
  • an overall growing sense of being more open to ourselves, to others and to life; more connected, non-separate, at home in and as this one wild life.

If some of these sound like what you'd want more of, then you'll want go on this journey!

If you're like most people who care about their health you'll do what you can from the 'standard list' but find that your life and work's needs and wants and limits mean you don't get a perfect score on all of the items all the time (if ever!). If you're open to emotional processing and energetic healing however, you can add some really good movement in these dimensions to help increase your 'overall score' toward feeling healthy and functional for the longest time possible.

So you're invited to sign up for this Journey of graceful, gentle, easy healing to do what we can for our healthy longevity in the emotional and energetic bodies. And who knows, maybe some of how we do the standard list of things will also shift for the better. It's been known to happen: I've unexpectedly quit smoking and coffee and many other unhelpful habits as unintended consequences of emotional and energetic healing!  Anything is possible 😀

The Longevity Healings

$3,333.00 2 hours

12 x 2 Hour (allow up to 2.5 hours per session)

The Longevity Healings Journey: The lighter and brighter you feel now, the more likely you’ll live a vibrant functional life for longer.

This journey will help you reduce the emotional, energetic and karmic load that wears down your vitality and promotes earlier onset of aging, illness and functional decline.

While we can’t turn back the clock, we can slow down the speed at which entropy impacts us all.

We will schedule the additional 11 sessions at the end of the first. All sessions are delivered online via GoogleMeet/Zoom or phone. In-person sessions are currently not available, unless you can supply the venue and additional travel fees: please contact Chris to discuss.

Small group pricing available. If you gather a small group, ie 2 or more people, a discounted rate will increase with each additional participant.

Best undertaken after completing the Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey (that includes The Spiral) first.

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