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YOU ARE NOT ENOUGHYou Are NOT Enough. You Never will be.

If you are not in touch with feeling this, at least occasionally, even faintly or subtly, at the deepest quiet core of your manifest being then I suggest that in some very real way you are ungrounded, unconnected to the reality of embodied existence.

I contend it is the fundamental truth of all limited seperate beings that they will feel this way if they can recognise the reality of their situation. Time and again these small decaying mortal bodies won’t be enough to meet all the dreams, aspirations, desires, visions, other’s expectations and challenges that inevitably emerge in one’s life. Time and again it will be wiser to be humble-grounded, released into resting in reality, and more able to progress on solid foundations.

It is possible to do this, to feel You Are NOT Enough, AND to feel non-separate, a part of the whole, a wave of the ocean, and in crucially radically real ways be utterly released into the fullness of infinite being, and innate perfection, with enoughness flowing out of every single separate part of your embodiment. To be at one with the Onlyness of all existence and non-existence, with all Enoughness and Not Enoughness.

But ONLY if you REALLY feel how NOT enough you are FIRST. AND, I contend, continue to keep at least an intuitive sense of the pulse of the heart beat of distinct limited experience that you are in your awareness.

We all have so much media and teachers telling us You Are Enough and how important it is to feel this way, to affirm, simply believe this is true, to allow it to wash over and sooth our feelings… to work on settling into this awareness however you can!

However… if you need to make an effort to feel You Are Enough then you are inherently overriding who you are, just as you are. You’re also therefore prone to overriding the preciousness of the limited impermanent nature of manifestation, of forcing at least a subtle disconnect, possibly a dissociation from Mother Nature, from reality. And that makes you unstable, potentially dangerous and excessively vulnerable. At the very least it leads to more ineffective efforts at creating things in this world.

These kinds of consequences are what our civilisation is facing with this pandemic, Climate Change, the mass extinction of species and degradation of the very ecologies essential to our continued existence. If only we could slow down enough to feel this and receive its wisdom and tempering of our plans and actions.

If the teaching, or how you receive it, leads you to simply adjust your mental framework to creatively view yourself as Being Enough JUST as you are… however that is and however it is changing…including feeling and in fact recognising You Are NOT Enough at times… well that’s starting to come to grips with reality, and balancing your creativity in likely more fruitful relationship with it.

Can you find out just how enough you are that you can afford to also feel your not enoughness?

This is not here to be a popular point of view… but it is the hard won wisdom that has really helped me through the darkest nights of my psyche, soul and whole being… it’s the only doorway I’ve found is reliably accessible to many beings – no matter what their previous disciplines or spiritual accomplishments – to thread the eye of the needle in stably entering into awareness of their infinite non-separate Being nature… while still lovingly honouring their limited human existence and therefore being in a position to actually relate to others and all of life, with respect and realness, with divine regard for both them and yourself at the same time.


PS no I haven’t read this book, but went looking for a meme to match this rant and loved the cover, its title and subtitle! Seems there’s others who GET this too YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH

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