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Every wondered how many nuclear explosions there are have been in human history?  How about in the most relevant half century?  Well, a beginners effort in making this dataset more consumable, was released in 2003 by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto.  It shows every nuclear explosion between 1945-1998 – apparently.  There is some conjecture that there have actually been quite a few more, involving additional countries as well.  But, lets face it, a few more or less from an approximate total of 2053 nuclear detonations?  My gods people… I had no idea there had been anywhere near that many.  The time-lapse style and map based video is quite long… but it is 10 minutes you’ll be glad you spent getting an appreciation for… well, the disturbing reality of our ‘nuclear’ human natures. Just in case you have forgotten what each of the little blips look like up close, here’s some footage of the first British nuclear test.

Heart Healing