Heart Healing For A Better Tomorrow

Energetic Healing | Embodied Awakening | Conscious Relating
Rhyn Nasser my friend, and fellow multi-modal healing and spiritual embodiment mentor practitioner, reached out this week to check in and have a chat. I had a sense to record it, maybe we’d share it. Ended up being a wide ranging dialogue about how we each approach living integral theory in practice… how different maps and models can help us get unstuck and move into more flow with life, to open more depths of embodying spirituality – and why you might want to or need to.
We talk through a model synthesising some of Rhyn’s lineages, look at the benefits and limitations of such maps, and explore some of what living them means for each of us through the lens of Ken Wilber’s meta-injunctions of Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up and Open Up.
It was a lot of rich fun for both of us… connect with us directly if you want to explore anything this brings up for you.
00:00:00 – Reflecting on our first meeting and shared interests
00:03:42 – A Map: The Nine Fold Manifestation of Man
00:16:34 – Value of Transcending AND Including
00:19:27 – Importance of accessing the Emotional and cleaning up the Astral
00:25:38 – Avoiding Dissociation and Fundamentalism within ourselves
00:27:56 – Top down maps v’s bottom up development and getting situated
00:30:49 – The limits of maps and tracking real aliveness
00:33:33 – The Law of Resonance and aligning to Root/Gut/Heart/Mind coherence
00:34:46 – Some limits of Integral Theory
00:37:24 – The practitioner view
00:39:09 – Embodied transmission v’s empty words: trusting the life of what’s unfolding NOW
00:42:45 – A map of maps, and surfing the edge of aliveness and connection
00:47:04 – The Jazz musician & Wilber’s Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up & Open Up
00:48:47 – WAKING UP – what it can mean and involve – and understanding States and Stages
00:58:14 – Embodying Emptiness/living from void and key principles of the nature of reality
01:12:01 – A Map: 4 Types of Energy & Consciousness – reactive, wilful, intellectual, and intuitive
01:15:13 – GROWING UP & CLEANING UP – Transformation, the pain of identity (death) and living dynamic maps
01:24:53 – Why learn maps and engage transformation? More freedom, choice, abundance, heart and ability to connect with others
01:40:28 – SHOWING UP – Serve from where you’re at, it’s pleasure, connection and learning
01:46:33 – OPENING UP – The integrative leadership that’s needed and emerging just in time
01:59:09 – Balancing a Global Scale of Care with grounding into a Local Sphere of Influence
02:06:02 – PRACTICES – Finding the practices that serve you and life over time
02:16:11 – What is channelling energies?
02:22:08 – Final messages and recommendations for anyone interested
Heart Healing