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The Astrolacle – Essentials Edition™ has arrived!The Astrolacle Has Arrived!

I’m deeply excited to get to share with you The Embodied Astrology Oracle™ deck.

This has been 18 months of intention creation building on 6 focused years of shamanically embodying this work, and who knows how many lifetimes of preliminaries!

This Essentials Edition is elegantly focused on the sigils of the archetypes, in black and white for yin and yang respectively. This is a key feature of the deck… everything is in balanced yin/yang pairs.

The Essentials Edition is printed on large (89mm x 146mm) thick glossy card, provided with an 8 page booklet on how to use The Astrolacle, all housed in a sturdy custom printed box. It contains 60 cards: The 12 Zodiac Signs, 2 Nodes and 2 Eclipses, and 44 astral bodies.

You can buy your copy of the limited first edition printing here.



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