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Life Planning In The Face of Extinction – From Horror To Hope

May 10, 2020 @ 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM AEST

Life Planning In The Face of Extinction – From Horror To Hope

Life Planning In The Face of Extinction – From Horror To Hope


In this course you’ll join with community to create a set of stories about how the future could realistically unfold. Then you’ll identify how you personally most want to navigate them. This is a proven pathway for moving from horror to hope, from feeling stuck to empowered in facing the uncertainty of the future.

Together we’ll find rich, considered, informed answers for questions like: What could civilisation be like in 2040? What might my life be like then? What kind of life plans can I realistically make? Will I be helping humanity survive? Thrive? What can I be doing now, next week, this month and year?

This course distills professional futures strategy development processes usually used with, and to develop the capabilities of, organisational leaders from Corporate, Government, NGOs, and Academic sectors. Through this course you’ll be introduced to some potent tools-for-thinking, and be facilitated to use them to make sense of the world, the dynamics of what and how it is changing, and what the real uncertainties, risks and opportunities are. From there you’ll be guided to distil your own unique set of values based principles to help you navigate the terrain of whatever future unfolds.

This will be an emotionally confronting, mentally challenging yet humanely-connected process of personal reflection and participating in focused dialogues of collaborative sense making. It involves online group work using Zoom, Google Sheets and a Facebook Group, and also personal reflection via structured journaling, online questionnaires, desktop research and learning about new analysis frameworks.

The six sessions will address:

Session 1: Frameworks for Thinking About the Future
Session 2: Personal Values and the Problems of Life
Session 3: Future Scenario Ingredients: Making Sense of the World
Session 4: Future Scenario Creation & Backcasting to Now
Session 5: Exploring The Future Scenarios
Session 6: Pathfinding Personal Life Principles & Plans



Given the nature of the course it is most suited to people with some experience working in professional environments, with at least an undergraduate degree, who are familiar with applying critical reasoning skills in desktop research and writing work. It is also more suited to people who have also engaged in some form of self development involving critical self reflection on their feelings, beliefs, worldview etc.

These are not requirements, but at least you know the benchmark to better gauge if this course will really serve you. A level of technical capability is also required to be able to participate, using Zoom and Google Drive/Google Sheets/Google Docs.

This course is NOT suited to people who have fixed answers, know all the answers, or are passionately preoccupied advocating against 5G, vaccines, climate change, or any other existing scientific consensuses. That said, doubt, uncertainty, scepticism and critical questions are needed and most welcome!

And while the course is trauma informed in its design, with active supports for self and group regulation incorporated, it is NOT suitable for someone currently experiencing, or highly susceptible to entering, overwhelming trauma states due to consuming information about the state of the world or dialoguing about worst case scenarios with others.

Finally this course will only work for people who are able to make the Personal Commitment outlined below.



This is an intensive mentally focused course involving both group online sessions and time between sessions, occasionally in collaboration with others. There are 6 sessions spread over 8 weeks involving 5 hours for each group session plus up to 3 hours between sessions in self reflection / questionnaires / desktop research / writing up results / collaborating with other participants.

It is essential you attend ALL sessions and have time and energy for the in-between-session tasks. This is the only way this course can work: Missing a session means you will fall out of meaningful connection with the group and the journey and getting meaningful value from the course. Not being able to do the in-between session tasks will let down the group who are depending on your input and will degrade the value of the course outcomes for everyone.

So please, be sure you are motivated, and your schedule allows you, to fully participate in this course to get the full benefits from doing so!



TIMES: 1:00pm – 6:00pm Sundays – Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in and start on time and allow 30 minutes after each session just in case things run over or your action collaboration tasks immediately etc.

DATES: Sunday May 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, week break, June 14th, week break, June 28th.



$400 AUD per person. If you’re experiencing genuine hardship and wish to attend, please direct message Chris.

Book online below or pay direct (preferred) via these EFT details and either private message or email [email protected] a screenshot of payment success:

EFT – Please use OSKO Payments
BSB: 303-432
ACC: 0011490
Description: LP-YourName

Payments in UK £, US $, EU €, CN ¥ currencies welcome – please direct message for details.

COURSE SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION: Please note that this course requires a minimum of 9 participants to be run (max 25). If the minimum numbers are not reached your payment will be refunded in full or can be used as credit for a future scheduling or other services from AwakenedLiving.com.au

MISSED SESSIONS: If you miss a session YOU **REALLY** miss out. You and your participation matter. So does every step in this process. Each session’s learning and development of shared language and meaning is the foundation for the next session. It is all about the group experience. So if you cannot make a session the rest of the course may not make sense to you. You may need a paid catch-up session ($50 for a personal briefing) and still need to accept that it still may not be worth continuing the course.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If for some reason you cannot attend you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or use the ticket price as credit within 3 months for other AwakenedLiving.com.au offerings.



After payment you will be sent a zoom link and google calendar invite via email.

If you have not used Zoom before – know it is really simple. You just need 15 minutes to get it set up the first time. You can simply click the link provided to you, follow the prompts to download the desktop app, and launch the window. No Account needed. Full how-to-use support guides are here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362033-Getting-Started-on-Windows-and-Mac

To help you prepare for the session please get yourself set up with:

>> Desktop computer or laptop with Zoom app installed (no account needed, please check quality of speakers/microphone), and a free Google Drive Account (free Google/Gmail account required), with a new Google Sheet open ready for note taking
>> A private space you can participate without being disturbed (and without much background noise), and ideally where you can also easily stretch and make sound in
>> A comfortable chair and/or yoga mat and cushion
>> Some water

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to this online session to ensure you get your computer and sound working ok, get settled in, and are ready to start on time.

Please note you need to be on the zoom Live, using Video, and remain Visible throughout the session.


Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. In addition to his personal healing and spiritual growth qualifications and experience that underpin his current ‘day job’ (read what people experience here) in a previous ‘career-life’ Chris was a professional futurist and organisational strategy consultant on the basis of his Bachelor of Communications Majoring in Public Relations & Psychology, Masters of Science in Strategic Foresight, and being a certified Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant (Levels 1&2).

Chris Co-Founded the Centre for Australian Foresight (https://is.gd/Rk7jc3), Consulted for the Australian Foresight Institute (https://is.gd/CNnn9P) and The National Centre for Sustainability (when at Swinburne University https://www.ncsustainability.com.au/partners/), co-initiated and project managed the inaugural Asia Pacific Foresight Conference (https://is.gd/xbjNIW) and project managed the Australian Davos Connection’s (https://adcforum.org/) national Future Summit (eg being principle author and editor of the 2006 Future Summit Report: https://is.gd/aSfiXD). For several years he was the Co-Chair of the Australasian Node of the United Nation’s based Millennium Project (http://www.millennium-project.org/), a founding co-organiser of the Melbourne Social Forum, and was one of 50 representatives to the Australian Government’s National Youth Roundtable in 2000.

Chris’ strategic foresight consulting clients have included Westpac, EPA Victoria, Diabetes Australia-NSW, Victorian Council of Social Services, Australian Farm Institute, Land & Water Australia, South East Water, Corporate Value Associates, Ability Capital, Charter Mason, National Centre for Sustainability, among many others, and he’s had extensive engagement across the Victorian Department of Justice, it’s public safety organisations (fire, police, ambulance etc) and Department of Sustainability & Environment primarily in relation to technology and service delivery investments in the context of climate change. In addition to many commercial presentations he has also lectured at the CEO Institute, Australian Institute of Management, and in the Melbourne Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Chris’ first published academic paper was Humanicide: A 21st Century Risk Profile For Humanity (https://is.gd/LbxTHa). Another journal article, from a series of papers, was Integral Scenarios (https://is.gd/GuH81n). Hopefully these, combined with other publicly available works (http://chriscstewart.com/blog/resources/papers/) give a touch of direct access into Chris’ background as a professional futurist (most commercial consultant reports and presentations remain commercial-in-confidence). A more detailed resume from this past career is here: https://is.gd/4ie9ga.



“I participated in this course with my partner, and its effect on our lives, both individually and as a couple, has been profound and enduring. Our shared sense of time has expanded to include the rest of our lives together, and we now have a common vocabulary with which to discuss and plan for events and eventualities decades into the future. Chris is an intuitive and compassionate facilitator who brings a wealth of knowledge, lived experience, and passion to the course, which is challenging and rewarding, difficult and exciting, expansive and specific. I would recommend this course to anyone who is finding our current moment overwhelming, or who is looking for greater clarity about their place in a future that appears more and more uncertain.” Lorne Gerlach

“This is the incredible, rich and deep course that I have been telling people about for the past 7 weeks. One of the most important and satisfying courses I have ever done. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate their way more clearly into a dynamic and uncertain future. It was practical, grounded, well researched and also transformational. I’m still creatively inspired and the deep work is continuing. I worked really hard, and it was fun, pleasurable and satisfying – as well as challenging at times. Also the collective field and sense of community that we created was powerful and enriching. Probably the most beneficial effect for me personally is that my nervous system has shifted from fear of the future to grounded curiosity and empowerment. Facing fearful outcomes together, immediately diminishes their terror. Through the container of the group I realised I am very hopeful. Get in touch with Chris C Stewart. Put your name down for the next series! Gratitude abounds.” Sally Guildford

“Deep appreciation and thanks to you Chris for creating and expertly facilitating this truly *life-changing* experience!! I’m amazed by the rich and vast terrain you courageously navigated us through in just 6 weeks and am so grateful to have shared this experience with our group. I feel like I’ve ridden the rapids…from horror to hope to exhilaration…and everything in between! Thank you for bringing your rare mix of genius to this ‘raging success’ of a wild experiment!” Sabina Lawrence

“It was an interesting, timely and challenging course Chris. Well worth the effort in these very challenging times. The take home of course was the longing for deepened trust and intimacy between people as we find ways to care for the planet and each other going forward. I will repost any new offerings for sure!” Vivien Beere

“Thanks Chris, I enjoyed the stimulating mindspace that it created. I came away with some interesting threads of possible futures to ponder.” Ron Laurie

“A wonderful course! Great minds and hearts together! Super rich, respectful and safe space curated by Chris. Thanks everyone!” Natalia Mendez


May 10, 2020
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM AEST
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