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Release & Renew Ritual – New Moon in Virgo

August 27, 2022 @ 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM AEST

Release & Renew Ritual - New Moon in Aries

Release & Renew Ritual – New Moon in Virgo

Saturday 27th August is a New Moon in Virgo 4°11’ exact at 6:17pm AEST. Here’s an ASTRO-WEATHER UPDATE and invitation to a ritual for transforming anger.

A Virgo New Moon often sees us motivated to tidy up, get to business, attend to the to-do list and lift up our game in attending to the details of life. It invites us to set the stage for a month of good, orderly productivity. The house that 4deg of Virgo lands in for you will indicate the area of life this drive will most likely be felt, or is most needed!

But there’s a lot more going on of course. If only life was one current to gently align with – ha!

The New Moon is tightly square Mars conjunct Pan in Gemini, forms a quincunx to Jupiter in Aries and Priapus in Aquarius, and sextiles Rudra and Hekate gently conjunct in Cancer. Woah, there’s going to be something percolating for most of us in the weeks around this New Moon! At a minimum there’s likely to be a drive to create change in our intimate and professional power dynamics, or conversely we might be challenged to change, possibly in ways that could feel unfair, aggressive, or even downright mean. It’s likely to stir frustration and anger, possibly resentment and/or sexual frustrations, and it could easily boil over and spoil things for us. So the wise counsel is to take the time to make a safe space to feel, express, digest even the hottest of reactions and urges and then, in a calmer integrated space, craft a considered compromise or strategic retreat: focusing instead on what practical things you can check off your to-do-list in the mean-time. There’s not much support for pushing through and succeeding in the outer domains with others, but there is for going deeper into your internal process… and it might just be the key to defusing the outer contentions and navigating through with more grace.

Mars’ partner Venus, our Goddess of love, creativity, beauty and enjoying our sensuous selves, is the key to understanding the other signature influence washing through this New Moon’s well meaning planning for the weeks following. Venus is supported by Juno our Queen of State, and near Ceres, our earthy mother figure, and Medea the Witch Queen, the later two both conjunct last month’s Leo New Moon – so their issues and influence is narrowing from our foundational yin-Moon energies to the embodiment of our feminine. You might track the bigger emotional currents still washing through from the past month, informing the eruptive Mars aspect, or highlighting on more of the tangible details of your day-to-day, reminding us of just what we need to feel through as we navigate today if we want to be fresh to meet tomorrow.

Venus is also directly opposed by the constraining, disciplining manifestor Saturn. Saturn is setting limits on Venus in Leo’s urge to playtime, pleasure and expression, which may add fuel to any fire of frustration with significant others in our life. And for good reason: both Venus and Saturn are squaring innovator and awakener Uranus conjunct the Moon’s North Node of fate and future direction. This line up activates a Fixed Grand Cross with the South Node of past lives and karmas, good and bad, conjunct Hygeia the Goddess of miraculous healings. This brings the risk of things feeling a bit dull and constrained, making our fair efforts seem more a chore than a delight, and perhaps pulling our budget tight. We might also feel isolated, alone, and not appreciated and find the restrictions and tasks chafing us more rawly. Some may find themselves looking beyond existing relational commitments, hungry for novelty and change, which could further fan flames of dissatisfaction. But there’s some medicine in here that can gently clear through old dross, loss and lessons not yet fully headed, helping to spark enthusiasm for the future, new ideas, new things to explore in our relations and opening towards new trajectories in life. So the alone time, limits and any extra work will be worth it, and while we might begrudge the process required, we’ll likely be glad of the result, knowing we’re taking better care of ourselves in how we set up relating to others from now on. Richer beauty and subtler pleasures are often built on deeper orders of discipline. And whatever comes up internally or externally, as always, choose love and the most loving spacious option you can.

In addition to Mars’ and Venus’ big pieces there’s also a wide opposition formed by Neptune and Jupiter, separately, to Mercury conjunct Psyche, who are both inconjunct the New Moon, being nearly a full sign ahead in Libra. Mercury and Psyche trine Mars, while Jupiter sextiles Mars, softening its heated dynamics a touch. Feeding the enthusiastic ideas for our future, Psyche will be helping Mercury, as our mind, rewrite the story of where we’ve come from and where we’re going…. weaving in more of Neptune’s depth and Jupiter’s expansive benevolence. We might find ourselves inspired to be writing poetry, create a new song, express some kind of reforming-our-self-narrative or find we’re muttering under our breath about what we won’t ever do or allow in our lives again. Alternatively it could see us speaking up in our work or home life, sharing new solutions, outlining new opportunities, charting a course for a shared better future…or at least a compromise to thread through current no-win tensions. And it just might mean we get a new role, opportunity or the responsibility to see it through – wanted or not. So given the potential for inflamed dynamics, it’d be wise to be clear and considered before initiating anything, aware of what getting our way might mean lands in our lap. Patience here will gift immediate rewards that continue to return benefits through the next moon cycle.

If you’d like some support to digest the pressures of this astro-weather, join me for a simple process to easefully empower you to release and renew. I sense we’ll likely be working to transform anger and frustrations – but it will be whatever the group needs most in the moment. Newcomers are welcome to these simple rituals – you don’t need to have any experience or set beliefs, just be open to release the old and call in the new, inviting some ritual magick into your life 🙂

You’ll be facilitated through Karmic Release Statements to dissolve the tensions in what’s been “up” for you and others in the group since the last new moon (so often personal themes have whole group value!), and then you get to rest and receive an energetic healing for transmuting these debris and infusing your intentions for the next cycle with grace, nourishing your being and life.

Your questions are welcome, just contact me.




This is part of an ongoing series of similar New Moon rituals this year, with the remaining ones scheduled for:

> Tuesday 25th October – Scorpio + Partial Solar Eclipse

> Thursday 24th November – Sagittarius

> Friday 23rd December – Capricorn + Solstice on December 22





> 4pm-6:30pm AEDT (Melbourne time)

> Participate via Zoom

> Please have a private space where you can be hands/chord free, able to speak out loud, make processing sounds and move around, and lay down comfortably.





> Tickets limited to 8 participants

> $40 per person

> Book in online below

> Refunds: 100% less Stripe processing fees up to 48 hours before. If I can’t facilitate on the night, credit for a future ritual in the series this year.





Chris Stewart is a Heart Coach facilitating energetic healing, embodied awakenings and conscious relating. He is a qualified Therapeutic Experiential Astrologer, and Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant, with a Bachelor of Psychology & Communications and Master’s of Science in Strategic Foresight. Chris is also an Energetic Healer in multiple lineages including being a Reiki Master, Pellowah II, 5 Element based Emotional Clearing (+ The Spiral), VortexHealing® – Divine Energy Healing, Quantum Dynamics, Reconnective Healing, Orion Theta Healing, the Munay-Ki Rites, Emotional Freedom Technique, and is the formulator of Karmic Release Statements, and creator of The Yoga of Gazing. An experienced group meditation and transformational ritual facilitator, Chris started meditating in 1988 and has been professionally supporting other’s healings and awakenings since 2012. Read about the benefits they’ve received.


August 27, 2022
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM AEST
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