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Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Circle – Mars & Venus

March 24, 2018 @ 6:45 PM - 10:30 PM UTC+11

Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Circle - Mars & Venus

The Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Circle is evolving…

You’ve grown, we’ve grown… and this epic container we call Transfiguration Circle is growing too!
In this next incarnation we’re bringing more magick, juice, ritual and deep, out of this world FUN!
Each ritual is a meditation (of the juiciest kind) upon the divine polarities from different traditions. Call it yin, yang, masculine, feminine… Call it receptive and penetrative… Call it whatever you will! We’re delving into the magick that polarity can bring!
The archetypes of each circle are decided either by astrological events, or by intuitive channeling. We’re feeling into YOU and what our community is calling to have explored and activated RIGHT NOW.
Let’s GROW and delight together in magick and ritual even MORE!
This is an event channeled FOR the community, with the energy of the collective. So, when you decide to come, we invite you to enter this space as a CO-CREATOR. What does that mean?


Weather you decide on the day, or a month before to attend… create some kind of small (or large) ritual to prepare yourself for these events. Dress yourself intentionally on the night. Give up coffee, cigarettes and sugar the week before. Have sexy dance practice every day for two weeks… whatever works for you.
All powerful spiritual festivities or retreats ask for some kind of preparation so you can get the most good juju possible.
Whatever it is, ask your deep self what you can do to best prepare for this journey we’re adventuring on together, and to bring your most potent magick to this circle.


Transfiguration is a sacred practice where we recognise the divinity within ourselves and each other. We behold the other as a unique face of God/Goddess. This empowers the embodiment of our highest potential and allows everyone’s true nature to shine through.
Shiva Shakti Transfiguration allows us to consciously connect to our inner masculine and/or feminine. And in doing so, create stronger understanding, deeper love, and greater polarity (attraction) in our relationships. No matter the sexes of the people involved! It’s a practice of seeing and loving each other in our differences and similarities.


Men or women can play either role. Seriously!
Courtney and Chris will introduce the evening together and give everyone a background on the philosophy of what we’re doing. We then separate off into two groups: the Shivas to get Shivafied with Chris, and the Shaktis to get Shaktified with Courtney. After about an hour, the Shivas will enter the space and we begin the ritual.
Please note that you will be paired throughout the evening with those who are the opposite polarity to you. However, you will sit with everyone of the opposite polarity to you (and some the same as you) through the evening, not only the person you came with.


THEME: Mars & Venus
DRESS CODE: If you’re Venus dress juicy, if you’re Mars embody your warrior. This can be simple, this can be elaborate… whatever works for your magic making!
WHERE: Ashtanga Yoga Centre, Level 1, 110-112 Argyle Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065.
WHEN: Saturday 24th March 2018 6:45pm – 10:30pm.
COST: $50 per person ($100 for a ticket), which are sold per pair. This is so we have an even number of people in the circle. When you book, please book for yourself and the person who will be your initial partner (this can be a complete stranger, we just need balanced numbers of Shiva and Shakti pairs). It just means you will start and end the ritual with this person.
If you do not have a partner please add your name in a comment to the pinned thread on the Facebook Event Page – please note YOU are responsible for finding someone to book with.
TICKETS: Transfiguration Tickets MUST be pre booked: https://www.trybooking.com/358203
PLEASE NOTE: Please arrive by 6.45pm. The doors will be locked at 7PM. Due to the need for a strong container for the space, any later comers WILL NOT BE ADMITTED as this will disturb the ritual. Nor will late comers be refunded – so plan to arrive early.
We look forward to sitting in circle with you all!!


Courtney is the original founder and mamma of transfiguration Circle Melbourne, and she’s SO excited to be back! Courtney helps powerhouse truth seekers become who they were born to be. Her focus is in the area of sex and consciousness. Courtney has lived, trained and taught all over the world. She’s the creatress of Fierce Mystic and Embody the Temple. You can find her at www.fiercemystic.com
Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. An experienced meditation facilitator, he helps people open to new depths of healthy relating, meaning and action in the world that expands their horizons. Learn more at www.chriscstewart.com/what-others-say/


Please note it is your responsibility to arrange a ticket-buying partner. If you need a replacement partner please use the pinned thread.

No refunds given, but you can transfer your ticket to another person or pair if you notify us before 5pm on the day of the event. Thank you.


Transfiguration Tickets MUST be pre booked: https://www.trybooking.com/358203


The event art work is an excerpt from a great piece by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. You can purchase the full painting as a print from here: https://www.borisjulie.com/product/sea-witch/


March 24, 2018
6:45 PM - 10:30 PM UTC+11


Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne
Level 1, 110 Argyle Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065 Australia
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