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The Union of Chiron & Kali For Global Transformation

December 12, 2019 @ 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM AEDT

Power Up With Pluto

The Union of Chiron & Kali For Global Transformation

In Central Amsterdam, Netherlands 

THIS is where we go deep into embodying these archetypes and bring them into a LIVED activated union in your being… for your embodied transformation to be able to radiate into collective change for the benefit of all.

So come, invoke and embody more of your unique face of Chiron and Kali and bring them into a new Sacred Union within you.

In a simple and potent ritual we’ll bring them into deeper relationship where Kali’s fierce heart for change and awakening can collaborate with Chiron’s healing wisdom and embodiment magic. We will meet and heal wounds, ignite the fire in us that fiercely calls for change and bring forth more of our gifts in service of all.

These are the Sacred Warriors needed at this time, to help people wake up to what’s going on, wake down into more conscious embodiment that can ground us in harmony with Mother Nature, and awaken a better future for us all.

We’re intentionally bringing together two potent archetypes from different lineages, Kali from the east and Chiron from the west, to move towards living the principles of trans-lineage empowerment… a global view where we draw on ALL the gifts that have come before in service of a better future for us and Gaia.

>> Chiron – The Wounded Healer is the great Centaur, half human, half horse, signifying his – and our potential – for deep conscious integration between psyche and body, mind and emotions, spirit and matter.

>> Kali is the ferocious aspect of the Divine Mother, able to meet and transmute even the darkest distortions within us and our collective, and bring us awake in her unconditional love.

Together they can guide us into finding the gold in our deepest wounds and being of service from that place, vulnerably real yet fiercely empowered.

You don’t need any knowledge about or belief in astrology. If you can feel your body, energies and emotions, and are open to quickening your unfolding, then this is for you!

In a safe community ritual you will be facilitated to use emotional integration tools, karmic clearing statements and the therapeutic astrological medicine wheel (with some Osho dynamic meditations) to surface and express what needs attention and open to embody what’s emerging next for you.

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The Upper Hall at The Mirror Centre – Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands.


€ 50 EUR

Please Confirm your booking (strictly limited numbers!) via email ([email protected]) and please pay as “friends and family” and include your name and workshop name in the payment “note”: https://www.paypal.me/chriscstewart/50eur

When you book in please include in your email your birth Date, Time and City…. so we can look up your natal chart and find the position of Chiron and Kali at the time you were born. If you do not know exact time that is ok, just approximate time of day is enough for this work.


This event is one of four in a series on “Bringing Your Healer Into The World” while Ben Maron and Chris Stewart are visiting from Australia for the week. If you pre-book all four events you get the discounted price of €120: https://www.paypal.me/chriscstewart/120eur

Here are all the events in the series. Please recommend your Amsterdam friends!:
>> Monday 9th Dec: Activating Your Fierce Heart of Healing Service ~ Chiron & Kali – https://www.facebook.com/events/1017864365222826/
>> Tuesday 10th Dec: Pluto & Saturn Conjunct: Reforming Power & Control Structures – https://www.facebook.com/events/1219424331577428/
>> Wednesday 11th Dec: The Alchemist – A Ritual For Claiming Your Magic – https://www.facebook.com/events/545115279633177/
>> Thursday 12th Dec: The Union of Chiron & Kali For Global Transformation – https://www.facebook.com/events/564811714264314/


1on1 transformational healing sessions using Emotional Clearing, Karmic Releasing, Vortex Healing and shamanic meditations are available with Ben and Chris during the daytime before the 4 evening events. A rare chance to work in person! Chris is also offering Pellowah energy healing and Embodied Astrology sessions (if a suitable private venue for using a cathartic medicine wheel is organised). Please contact Ben or Chris directly to find out more and book a session: Ben ([email protected]), Chris ([email protected])


No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If for some reason you cannot make the evening you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or you have credit for services from the facilitators.

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Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. Chris has three decades of experience studying spirituality, tantra and human development, reigniting and refining lifetimes of learning and being initiated into many healing modalities, activation practices and awakening transmissions.

Chris is a formally certified Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant (Levels 1&2) and has applied it with other Integral Theories (like Gebser, and Ken Wilber’s AQAL) in his Bachelor’s in Communications & Psychology and Master’s of Strategic Foresight degrees and 15+ years of organisational strategy, long range planning and leadership consulting before infusing them into his personal transformation offerings.

He’s a formally qualified Therapeutic Experiential Astrologer, a process based modality of tantric-shamanic trauma resolution, archetype based psyche integration and spiritual awakening. He has been initiated into Karmic Releasing (an intuitive soul-level form of advanced Kinesiology), Orion Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Dynamics processing, Reconnective Healing, Pellowah energy healing (Levels 1&2), is a Reiki Master (Level 3, Shippuden, via multiple channels, starting 1996 with Usui Reiki Network), and is a Certified Practitioner of Vortex Healing® – Divine Energy Healing.

Chris is one of the veteran Spiral/Advanced Clearing Practitioners leading hundreds of people through The Spiral journey and/or his evolved offerings of The Tantric Spiral and The Dark Goddess Spiral.

Chris is committed to helping healers and change agents clear their baggage and connect to their powers to deliver more medicine to more people – because he’s convinced the world desperately needs more people willing to wake up, clean up and show up in service ASAP. If you’re reading this, it needs YOU.

Read about other’s experiences of benefiting from Emotional Clearing, Karmic Releasing and Archetypal Empowerments from Chris: https://chriscstewart.com/what-others-say/


Ben Maron is a qualified teacher, spiritual guide, potent ritual facilitator, healer and coach.

On his personal journey of over 20 years Ben has explored a broad range of tools/systems from various lineages and modalities.

His formal facilitation training includes a Bachelor of Education (Primary), Grad Dip in Outdoor and Environmental Education and Cert III in Outdoor Recreation. Over the last 18 years Ben has used these skills to teach and facilitate thousands of individuals and groups from all ages, helping them realise more of their potential.

Along with these mainstream skills Ben has also formally trained as an instructor of yoga, qigong, and meditation… He has also trained as a coach, is a certified Spiral Practitioner who has spent years supporting the growth of the modality and the training of new practitioners. Ben is also a VortexHealing® practitioner (a Registered Trademark of Ric Weinman).

Ben has also had the privilege of working in service for several organisations that support change makers making a better world. These include being a trained facilitator for OzGreen, an award winning NGO that works with youth on sustainability and social justice issues, staffing events for ManKind Project and facilitating challenge activities for Dr Joe Dispenza and his team.

Along with formal training innate healing capacities are awakening and Ben experiencing a synthesis of skills and knowledge that goes well beyond any individual modality. Something that is possible for all of us when we are able to move to a post lineage view of the world.

Ben is following the call to help people consciously meet their wounding so they can experience the gifts that are waiting for them, allowing them to make their own meaningful contribution to the world.

If there was ever a time when our awakening and innate capacities were needed, NOW is it. We are being called forward as Sacred Warriors. Ben is ready to play his part and help you embody your Sacred Warrior. If you’re feeling the call to be part of the change he would love to support you! http://www.benmaron.com/testimonials.html

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MARTINA HUGHES, Founder of www.TantricBlossoming.com:

“Chris offers an incredibly unique and powerful process which I like to think of as Embodied Soul Re-patterning. His approach brings together a few tools in a very complementary and fluid way. There was a gentleness in Chris and the way he held the space that assisted me to go into new aspects of myself. If pushed in a process, I can find myself in a familiar catharsis or a defence pattern.

In this experience I felt there was a lot of space to journey and open. Chris took me back to a memory that I have only visited once before in a solo journey. Intuitively, Chris said just the right words at the right time, that activated the opening I needed. It was a piece from the past that needed clarity, to support current life questions.

Since the session, I have felt a higher degree of peace and integration on these particular aspects. The underlying emotional currents have been soothed, there is space for me to self explore as the ties to the past are not calling me back.

If you are wondering who might support you in seeing the next hidden layers of your life puzzle, I highly recommend a session with Chris. I experienced Chris in his masculine power whilst also bringing great gifts of feminine intuition and tenderness. This is a powerful gift for any facilitator to bring as this kind of integration so profoundly meets the client where they are at.”

FREYA VAJRA, www.FierceMystic.com

“What is embodied astrology? Well, instead of reading off your chart, Chris puts you in a space with pictures of the constellations spaced around you so that you are effectively inside your own chart. He asked me to go around the wheel and to name my body, emotion and mental responses to each of the cards, just from the pictures I saw. So instead of being intellectually TOLD what each sign was, I had an embodied EXPERIENCE of it. So good. I prefer experiencing for myself rather than being told. I know a lot of people who are like that.

When we got to Taurus I was having a good old energetic gag fest. Pretty appropriate considering I have almost NO taurean energy in my life right now of stability and stubborn groundedness. Chris then looked to see which planets were in Taurus in my chart. This process is very intuitive as well as simple, which I why I like it so much. It is, I suspect, part of what makes it so EFFECTIVE. Chris asked me to point to which of the two planets (cards) held the most charge for me. I pointed to the north node.

He then got me to do a process of stepping towards it (more energetic gagging and releasing as my stuff around embodying taurean energy – of stability, groundedness, abundance, pleasure and art – got released). Eventually I found myself standing over the cards, bringing in and embodying this amazing abundant Taurus energy. I felt like solid stone. In an awesome deep, stable, grounded way. I feel so much more connected, safe and peaceful after doing this session. I am deep appreciation of the depth and effectiveness of this modality and your spaciousness and wisdom as a facilitator Chris. Simplicity really is king. And queen. Your magick is strong!! A really awesome experience! Thank you Chris!!”

LYNDA BAYADA, www.LyndaBayada.com.au:

“To say there is something magical that happens under Chris’s gentle guidance is an understatement. After dabbling in many forms of self development and embodiment work over the years, each helping in their own ways, I felt pulled to do an embodied astrology session with Chris and the results were so much deeper and more powerful then anything I’d experienced in the past. Chris’s intuition and sacred knowledge took me back to the very depths of past life experience, enabling the weeding out of insidious patterns which I haven’t felt able to get to with other tools. As a result of the session, I have been feeling an ease and grace never felt before. Reactionary patterns have vastly diminished and there is a greater sense of calm upon integration. I also don’t think I would have been able to go as deep if the space Chris created wasn’t so comfortable. He really enabled any inhibitions about deep exploration to be dropped and opened the space for extensive catharsis and in depth journeying. Thank you Chris for your guidance, gifts and warm presence.”

SERRA STONE, www.SoulNest.com.au:

“Chris! I mean really…what an epically in tune and powerful force of divine truth you are!

A few months ago I had an Embodied Astrology session with Chris C Stewart, I had no idea what embodied astrology was (not much of an understanding of astrology either) I just knew I HAD to go. And I’m so grateful I did, Chris holds a space of such integrity and presence. The potency of magic that is channeled through this Man is immense and MAGIC happens in his presence, through this work.

The shifts are still apparent and unraveling months later, and honestly I have done A LOT of healing and wholing work and his session was up there with the most grounded and magnificent. YES. Grounded and magnificent, cosmic and alive, bridging heaven and earth and bringing magic from the sky into the living experience.

The Sacred Dark Goddess is SO IMPORTANT to bring us into wholeness, owning ALL parts of ourselves is essential to be emotionally and spiritually fit and healthy. So if you feel even an inkling of aliveness feeling into this work, go, go feel, go experience, go get your sacred dark goddess on! Wild love, Serra Stone”

To read about other’s experiences visit: https://chriscstewart.com/what-others-say/


December 12, 2019
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM AEDT
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The Mirror Centre
Ter Gouwstraat 3
1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands
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