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Embodied Astrology – Online

$222.00 90 minutes

90 minutes (allow up to 2 hours per session)

These Embodied Astrology sessions are intended to make this dynamic modality available remotely via ‘online’ means.

Ideally you will have a copy of the Embodied Astrology Oracle Deck “The Astrolacle.” If not, you’ll need to be read to either print some images before the session or draw some sigils on paper during the session. You’ll also need a large private space where you can move around, hands/chord free, able to make sound.

Come with a goal or challenge in your life, something needing healing, a desire for awakenings or specific activations, an intention to work with the prevailing or upcoming astrological weather, or simply an open mind to explore how your life might unfold more richly through transformative work.

These sessions are delivered online via Google Meet or Zoom.

Heart Healing