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Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey – THE AUDIO LECTURES, Session One, FREE


What Is Embodying Spiral Dynamics?

Have you done The Spiral, or want to? Do you practice Self Clearing? Are you a Spiral Practitioner?
If you’re YES to any of these questions then here is your chance to go deep into the knowledge of Spiral Dynamics and how it relates to the 7 Chakra System and more.

The more you understand Spiral Dynamics, the Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness, The 6 Bodies Model, the 7 Chakra System, and how to integrate them within an ‘integral view’, the deeper your consciousness can feel into the collective and personal conditioning at each level to liberate and integrate the life force and wisdom to upgrade your embodied experience.

If this is your entry to The Spiral, it’s a royal pathway to understanding the terrain. If you’re an old hand, this will deepen and inform your self clearing and the potency and skillful means you bring to your clients.

The Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey “The Audio Lectures, Session 1” is the introduction session. It is 1 hour and 20 minutes of audio covering What Is Clearing?, What is Spiral Dynamics?, What is The Spiral?, and How Are The Spiral and Spiral Dynamics Related?

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