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The Dark Goddess Spiral™

Radically improve your intimate relationships and your inner relationship. Integrate the shadows and activate the shine of eight faces of the Tantrically Embodied Divine. Each is accessed through a unique Sacred Dark Goddess: Dugra, Lilith, Persephone, Medea, Medusa, Eris, Hekate and Kali.

Although She has many faces, She always longs for you to be whole. She wants you to feel deeply present as your body, creatively alive through your sexuality, and clean and confident in your relating. She wants nothing less than you consciously living your divinity in your humanity. She wishes you a life greater than your wildest dreams.

Don’t be fooled by the language of She and He, or different cultural forms of the same divine archetype… The Dark Goddesses represent the common energy, emotions and physical and psychic forms that are so often unconscious and wounded in us all, regardless of sex or gender or culture… and if we dare to work with them, they can bring forth the tantric aliveness and potency in us all too!

What’s Involved?

This is a journey of 8 rituals for opening deeper into the transforming grace of the Sacred Dark Goddesses. The rituals follow a carefully structured sequence to auspiciously initiate the journey and then move through your 7 main chakras, increasing the scale of consciousness at each, and evolving your patterns of being and relating through them in a trauma informed and therapeutically grounded process.

In each ritual you’ll work through a Dark Goddesses archetypal intimate relating wounds, the resulting shadows that sabotage your love life, the skills needed to move beyond these, and the gifts that emerge when you’ve done such deep inner work.

You’ll receive the ancient myths of each Dark Goddess, explore how they apply in your life, release the unconscious knots we’ve illumined in your psyche with Emotional Integration Tools, use dynamic meditations in the Astrological Medicine Wheel to evoke the Goddesses support to process the releases and then activate and integrate a whole new template for relating at that level. You’ll embody a healthier form of each archetype. Finally we’ll dialogue with the unique voice of each Dark Goddess within you to elicit the wisdom that can guide your next steps into better intimate relating.

Who is This For?

If you want to heal your relationship wounds, clean up your intimate partner shadows, and activate more embodied pleasure, confidence and grace in your life, this is for you. Whether you have done only a little bit of self development exploration, or spent decades doing lots of inner work and spiritual practices, the key criteria for participating is your hunger for “more” for yourself and your relationships.

You don’t need any knowledge about or belief in astrology, archetypes, deities, divinity or Sacred Dark Goddesses. If you can feel your body, energies and emotions, hold yourself and self care through challenging inner states, and are open to quickening your healing and unfolding, then you’ll be able to get a lot from this journey!

The Dark Goddess Spiral™ Journey – THE AUDIO LECTURES


The Dark Goddess Spiral™ Journey “The Audio Lectures” gives you 7 hours of content across 8 sessions.

These lectures are intended to be psycho-active, having an activating transformational impact. Therefore doing the suggested personal journaling reflection after each lecture, and going through The Dark Goddess Spiral™ clearing process at the very least (ie without the embodied release and archetypal activations of a facilitated process) with an experienced practitioner-transmitter in sequence with the audios, is highly recommended.

The lectures are in two forms… a few delivered as stand-alone explorations into Hecate and Medusa and Persephone recorded in 2018… and then specific lectures and discussions about each archetype and level recorded during the inaugural in-person group journey in 2019.

Heart Healing