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Relational References and Resources

The following resources inform my approach and are often recommended to clients, so listing them here for easy reference.

Additional notes: Because these topics are so prevalently parroted/rehashed by social media influencer based 'relationship coaches' and/or 'sexuality coaches'…. While I've read all of David Deida, studying with his students, I no longer recommend his approach. I've also brought teachers of tantra yoga schools out to tour Australia, but can no longer recommend those lineages either. I've also read dozens of other books, completed dozens of workshops and trainings in (neo)tantra, sacred sexuality, somatic processes and communications, but don't find myself recommending them, even as I've benefited from them and incorporate aspects in my offerings. We learn sometimes the hard way the limits of many powerful and appealing approaches, and hopefully pass on their fruits rather than faults!

Artwork: "The Alchemical Wedding", By Emily Balivet, 2012 - prints avaliable.

Transformational Relating

$222.00 90 minutes

90 minutes (allow 2 hours per session)

A Transformational Relating session is for couples to be held together in presence, inviting grace and support to open to new levels of health, intimacy and agency in their dynamic. These sessions provide couples with psychotherapeutically informed spiritual coaching and emotional-energetic transformational supports to:

  • go deeper in their intimacy together;
  • evolve their relational dynamics; or
  • facilitate transition rituals through major relationship changes, renewals, the loss of a loved one, or sacred seperation.

The support offered is trauma, attachment, systems, and cultural dynamics informed, accessible to people of any religious or spiritual belief, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Sessions are delivered online via GoogleMeet/Zoom or phone.

Heart Healing