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This way to the futureJust got alerted to this great post by Rick Schettino relatively new to the futures field. As with so many, he’s been on a self-guided exploration, and constantly been amazed with what’s going on in our world. bravo I say;) The post declares 2010 The Year The Future Arrived and provides links to 250 headline making stories, neatly categorised, to show how our technological innovations/inventions and general advancements are starting to fulfil the future we (he?) grew up with in sci-fi books as a kid for example. Worth checking out. It is an amazing world out there… Oh, and it seems he’s doing a similar, if slightly more curated, links approach to my regular hindsight | Insight | Foresight links digests collections… automation in the information overload is definitely a future trend I’m happy to declare likely and necessary!

Heart Healing