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Activating Your Fierce Heart of Healing Service ~ Chiron & Kali

December 9, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM AEDT

Activating Your Fierce Heart of Healing Service ~ Chiron & Kali

Activating Your Fierce Heart of Healing Service ~ Chiron & Kali

In Central Amsterdam, Netherlands 

With global issues of climate change, overpopulation and ecological collapse (among others) at the forefront of our times many of us are feeling disempowered. With so many experiencing emotional states like depression, numbness, overwhelm and helplessness… Never has it been more important to heal our deepest wounds and call on our inner fire.

Join us for a brief talk and group discussion, that will inform a deep guided healing meditation, where we’ll explore a framework for how we as individuals relate to the global issues and start releasing what’s blocking us from living our Fierce Heart of Healing Service.

We’ll draw on the inspiration of two potent archetypes from different lineages, Kali from the east and Chiron from the west, to move towards living the principles of trans-lineage empowerment… a global view where we draw on ALL the gifts that have come before in service of a better future for us and Gaia.

>> Chiron – The Wounded Healer is the great Centaur, half human, half horse, signifying his – and our potential – for deep conscious integration between psyche and body, mind and emotions, spirit and matter.

>> Kali is the ferocious aspect of the Divine Mother, able to meet and transmute even the darkest distortions within us and our collective, and bring us awake in her unconditional love.

Together they can guide us into finding the gold in our deepest wounds and being of service from that place, vulnerably real yet fiercely empowered.

This is an amazing opportunity for those feeling overwhelmed, frozen or helpless in the face of current global issues, or simply knowing there must be more they can do:
>>Healers or practitioners who are ready to move from unhealthy patterns of Wounded Healer (Chiron) and come into more alchemical wholeness…
>>Change agents wishing to access more of their sacred rage (Kali) in the service of our planet…
>>Those ready to move beyond limiting beliefs and past life patterns related to religious and spiritual dogma to claim more of their capacities…
>>And people on their own healing journey wishing to access more of their innate gifts and potentials in service of self and others.

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€ 25 EUR

Please Confirm your booking (strictly limited numbers!) via email ([email protected]) and please pay as “friends and family” and include your name and workshop name in the payment “note”: https://www.paypal.me/chriscstewart/25eur


This event is one of four in a series on “Bringing Your Healer Into The World” while Ben Maron and Chris Stewart are visiting from Australia for the week. If you pre-book all four events you get the discounted price of €120: https://www.paypal.me/chriscstewart/120eur

Here are all the events in the series. Please recommend your Amsterdam friends!:
>> Monday 9th Dec: Activating Your Fierce Heart of Healing Service ~ Chiron & Kali – https://www.facebook.com/events/1017864365222826/
>> Tuesday 10th Dec: Pluto & Saturn Conjunct: Reforming Power & Control Structures – https://www.facebook.com/events/1219424331577428/
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>> Thursday 12th Dec: The Union of Chiron & Kali For Global Transformation – https://www.facebook.com/events/564811714264314/


1on1 transformational healing sessions using Emotional Clearing, Karmic Releasing, Vortex Healing and shamanic meditations are available with Ben and Chris during the daytime before the 4 evening events. A rare chance to work in person! Chris is also offering Pellowah energy healing and Embodied Astrology sessions (if a suitable private venue for using a cathartic medicine wheel is organised). Please contact Ben or Chris directly to find out more and book a session: Ben ([email protected]), Chris ([email protected])


No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If for some reason you cannot make the evening you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or you have credit for services from the facilitators.

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Ben Maron is a teacher/guide, potent ritual facilitator, healer and coach. On his personal journey of over 20 years Ben has explored a broad range of tools/systems from various lineages and modalities. His formal facilitation training includes a Bachelor of Education (Primary), Cert III in Outdoor Recreation, yoga, qigong, meditation, coaching, Spiral (Emotional Clearing) and VortexHealing® (a Registered Trademark of Ric Weinman). Along with formal training innate healing capacities are awakening and Ben is experiencing a synthesis of skills and knowledge that goes well beyond any individual modality. Something that is possible for all of us when we are able to move to a post lineage view of the world.

Ben is following the call to help people consciously meet their wounding so they can experience the gifts that are waiting for them, allowing them to make their own meaningful contribution to the world.

If there was ever a time when our awakening and innate capacities were needed, NOW is it. We are being called forward as Sacred Warriors. Ben is ready to play his part and help you embody your Sacred Warrior. If you’re feeling the call to be part of the change he would love to support you! http://www.benmaron.com/testimonials.html


Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. He is a professionally accredited Therapeutic Experiential Astrologer and Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant with a Bachelor of Psychology & Communications, and a Master of Science in Strategic Foresight. Chris has three decades of experience studying spirituality, tantra and human development, reigniting and refining lifetimes of learning and being initiated into many healing modalities, activation practices and awakening transmissions. An experienced meditation facilitator, he helps healers and change agents clear their baggage and connect to their powers to deliver more medicine to more people – because he’s convinced the world desperately needs more people willing to wake up, clean up and show up in service ASAP. If you’re reading this, it needs YOU. Learn more at www.chriscstewart.com/what-others-say/

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“Ben is a heart centred magician. He held the best space for me to blossom and remember more of who I truly am. He builds a really safe container to navigate the emotion of this work, and was able to assist me in setting practical goals to integrate the work. Ben is truly authentic, and powerful. I highly recommend doing work with him. Thank you Ben for everything!”
~ Michelle, Australia

“Ben has opened a pathway to deep and meaningful emotional clearing and healing for me. His knowledge, ability to unpack suppressed emotions and connect with you is remarkable. Staying strong for years, anxiety fluttering in the background and having stress always attached to you became a weighted challenge. I have spent so much of my life taking on other’s perceptions and neglecting myself.

He has helped me discover and let go of emotions stored from the past and to be present and confident with life now. I feel a true sense of reassurance as Ben guides me on this journey, feeling my experiences with me and releasing negative energy and clearing emotional patterns. Emotional triggers I have held onto are no longer there, I feel elevated, enjoying memories and can see past events for facts, other’s perceptions and the fun I once had.

Ben has given me tools for positive well-being, self-awareness, confidence and acceptance. He guided me to align my energies and have the power to respond to challenges with my true passionate, inspired and free self.”
~ Jess C, Canberra

“Ben is an incredibly powerful and yet gentle catalyst for healing and transformation. I have experienced a number of sessions with Ben and felt he held the space very beautifully and allowed me to dissolve any old stories where I limit my potential.

I had a tendency to put a cap on my upper limit when it comes to relationships and business, and Ben really helped me to tend to that (where I am now is significantly different to before working with Ben, and I know he has played a crucial role in that – THANK YOU). These processes works, and I look forward to working with Ben more in the future. Thank you Ben!”
~ Amy Webb, Sydney


“I see the effects of this work every day. I feel the changes. I recognise the potency and power that has been pouring back into my life because of this work. My life has already transformed so much thanks to this. And I am excited for what is still to come.”
~ Beata Maz https://www.facebook.com/beata.maz.7

“Chris is an amazing facilitator. He has a deep sense of calm and tranquility while also giving the perfect amount of push to help you beyond your limits and reach a greater sense of yourself.”
~ Aled Achilleos https://www.facebook.com/AlediosAkillios

“I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to meet themselves more deeply, to consider working with Chris, offer yourself a beautiful gift….”
~ Mia Devani, Geelong, Australia

“I met Chris during a very transformational phase in my life – it was no coincidence. At the time, I was consciously working on letting go of living a lifetime of fear and stepping into my heart and learning to reconnect with the universal language of love.

My session with Chris felt like a wave of deep spiritual cleansing unlike anything I have ever known. Chris was brilliant in the way he truly held the sacred space for me as needed to allow for the subtle changes to occur at an energetic level. This married with Chris’ innate wisdom, encouragement, ancient knowledge, practical teachings and loving acceptance of my journey made the entire experience powerful.

Thank you Chris for your beautiful masculine presence during a very deep transformational phase in my life. Thank you for being my initiator, my mentor and guide. You truly are a blessing to anyone who interacts with you.”
~ Pavitra Gurumurthi https://www.facebook.com/pavitra.gurumurthi

“A long overdue expression of gratitude to Chris for taking me through an amazing clearing session the other week. I was in the midst of crisis, when I sat down with Chris. The end of my relationship having triggered lots of old worthiness stuff, old stories resurfacing.

I was completely blown away by what he offered in that space. And his fearlessness in tackling all 5 of the major traumatic incidents in my life (not recommended if you’re not fairly robust, but I do a lot of processing and clearing). I’ve never encountered anything so powerful, and his willingness to dive in deep with me was so needed. We got to places I hadn’t been able to access before, and uncovered things that shine such a light on where the deep sense of unworthiness came from.

We cleared up some things while we were in there, and the shift has been profound and noticeable. It’s still reverberating in the nicest way, some weeks later. The way I’m operating in my new relationship (I manifested the most lovely and loving new man), in my business and in the flow of finances is so noticeable. I feel so much more alive and powerful. I finally have permission to live a good life, and to feel safe and deserving of being in this body. I’m just glowing these days. Much praise for this man’s skill and expertise.”
~ Ursula Faye, from www.BodyCentredTraumaRelease.com.au


December 9, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM AEDT
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