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Invoking a Unified Field with Gaia

October 19, 2019 @ 1:11 PM - 4:44 PM AEDT

Invoking a Unified Field with Gaia

Invoking a Unified Field with Gaia

Join us to connect with the global movement invoking a Unified Field with Gaia.

This is part of the “1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid” with sacred circles occurring worldwide with thousands of souls contributing their blessings.

For the first time inviting the Divine Masculine to join the Divine Feminine, together we will be calling in a New Earth of Oneness, Balance, Joy and Harmony within this Sacred Unified Field!

We believe that being in partnership together we can better come into communion with Gaia, our Mother Earth, in a way that heals her and us creating a more sustainable future.


We will set up four altars to represent the four main races on Earth.
– East – to the peoples from the East (Asian-Indian regions)
– South – the indigenous peoples of the Earth
– West – the African Diaspora
– North – the European and all Northern peoples

We will call in our ancestors, across all the faces of the God/desses, Deities and lineages known to us. A circle of great symbolism of our times will create the container.

We will open the circle through dance, chant and drums. And create a sacred container.

We will evoke our earthly bodies to the frequency of the greater, earthly Mother Gaia body.

And from there, evoke to reach out to all the other circles gathering at this time worldwide.

The vibrational field is on the rise, through our combined intent and purpose.

This circle is open to EVERYONE. All you need to do is identify as a child of this Earth.

We encourage you to join, and to invite our sisters and brothers to join in ceremony and celebration and supper together.

If we all bring a plate of sharing food as offerings to the four altars, we can then rejoice together with our charged up feast.



Location to be confirmed… but it will be in North Fitzroy or Abbotsford or close by in Melbourne Victoria.

Weather permitting the event will be held outdoors.

We encourage you to wear suitable clothing for sitting/lying on the earth. Bring a blanket/mat/cushion to sit on, any sun shade you might need and a water bottle.



Please book your ticket for participation in this circle here so we know to prepare for you: here: https://www.helenzee.com/event/invoking-a-unified-field-with-gaia/

Donations for the tickets will be collected on arrival at the ritual and is used to:

~ Buy fruits and offerings for the altars

~ Supper

~ Donate to the Global Organiser, Mare Cromwell

~ Support the facilitators efforts

Donation recommendation is $10-$20





I am passionate in sharing with women the ancient forgotten ways that empower our lives. Women’s womb wisdom is yours, ours. The power of our mysteries lives within us. We have the keys to unlock our potential.

My careers span from Pharmaceutical Health & Wellbeing and Sexual Health. I’m a scientist by education, a sexuality and spirituality teacher by journey.

My work was birthed from the deep calling to unite science with spirit and bring fertility teachings to creativity. And help singles and couples open to the sacred and cherished gift of fulfilling relationships, sensuality and procreation.

A satisfying life is lived with conscious relating, conscious conception, conscious parenting, whatever stage you are at, I support you with depth and clarity.

Learn more and connect directly here.


Chris Stewart is a transformational guide offering healing, empowerment and support through deep presence. An experienced meditation facilitator, he helps healers and change agents clear their baggage and connect to their powers to deliver more medicine to more people – because he’s convinced the world desperately needs more people willing to wake up, clean up and show up in service ASAP. If you’re reading this, it needs YOU. Learn more here.



Painting “Healing” by Autumn Skye – Permission Granted for 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid related event usage only.





October 19, 2019
1:11 PM - 4:44 PM AEDT
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Heart Healing