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About Core Character Integrations

We all have a mother and father, and most of us an ex-lover or two. Even if a parent was physically absent from birth, we still have a mental picture of them. All of them have left a deep imprint in our psyche, forming part of the very landscape of our development. Even without meaning to, each of these “core characters” in our life were involved in the creation of our “core woundings” or more neutrally, our "core conditioning." Some might say ‘”Hey, I’m not broken, don’t fix me, it’s just who I am!” And you’re welcome to keep carrying the baggage. But if you’d like to be MORE of who YOU really are, without a ton of psychic debris weighing you down, distorting your perceptions and draining your energy…. then Core Character Integrations are for you.

Each of the Core Character Integrations are intensive 2-4 hour sessions requiring you to complete at least a couple of hours preparation work over the course of a week beforehand. Some choose to do the process over several sessions.

The Core Characters to do Core Character Integrations on are:

  • Mother (actual and then archetypal mother/feminine)
  • Father (actual and then archetypal father/masculine)
  • Lover (ex, current and/or desired)
  • Abuser (a key figure who created trauma in your life) and Abused Self (often the “Wounded Inner Child”)
  • Idol (a key figure or composite of figures who you have or do aspire to be like)
  • Self (your self identity, your ego’s character traits)

Beyond these Core Characters this process, also known as a Quantum Clear, can be applied to radically change your relationship to other characters in your life, including siblings, children, teachers, bosses, clients etc. You can also work across character types in your life, such as 'target customers', or broader archetypes such as the warrior or lover, beautiful women, the patriarchy, multi-billionaires, or any other character that is challenging you or you aspire to embody.

Book in when you’re ready to revolutionise your life and relationships from the core outwards.

Core Character Integration

$350.00 3 hours

2-3 Hours (allow up to 4)

Core Character Integrations, also known as Quantum Clears, collapse incredible amounts of conditioning related to key sources in your life.

These need to be discussed before you book them in. You’ll want to have completed The Spiral process (via the Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey) to get the most from it. A series of these (like Mother, Father, Ex etc) can be done within a single Custom Renewal Journey. You’ll need to allow a week (or two or three!) to prepare and a couple of weeks after where you don’t do other depth work so you can smoothly integrate the changes. Once you book in you’ll be sent a guide on preparing for the session: be ready for radical change!

These sessions are delivered online via GoogleMeet/Zoom or phone.

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