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Embodying Spiral Dynamics

Have you done The Spiral, or want to? Do you practice Self Clearing? Are you a Spiral Practitioner?

If you’re YES to any of these questions then HERE is your chance to go DEEP into the knowledge of Spiral Dynamics, how it relates to the 7 Chakra System, and then be Cleared through The Spiral in a potent ritual journey over 8 sessions.

The more you understand Spiral Dynamics, the Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness and the 7 Chakra System, the deeper your consciousness can feel into the collective and personal conditioning at each level to liberate and integrate the life force and wisdom to upgrade your embodied experience.

We’ll go through The Spiral clearing process, and you’ll also learn by experience a range of other Shamanic Clearing techniques. With the deepened knowledge and tantric-shamanic processing tools we’ll get deeper clearing and achieve more embodied tacit understanding.

If this is your entry to The Spiral, it’s a royal pathway. If you’re an old hand, this will deepen and inform your self clearing and the potency and skillful means you bring to your clients.

Each of the 8 sessions in the journey includes:

  • audio lectures to listen to and a guided self-review to complete before the session (levels 1-7, sessions 2-8). Allow 1.5-2 hours for this closely scheduled before your in person session. Listen to the first session's audio for free here;
  • a focused in person session (formally 1 hour, but allow up to 2 hours) involving discussion about the level and your life, an activation meditation, emotional and energetic releasing, clearing and integration, and tantric-shamanic processes to activate your unique archetype's innate potentials at each chakra; and,
  • integration homework tasks to do after the session to smooth and deepen the process of embodying the changes unfolding from each session. Expect at least 5-10 minutes focused effort per day for a week.

Embodying Spiral Dynamics

$1,444.00 75 minutes

8 x 75minutes (allow 2 hours per session + 2 hours before it)

The Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey gives you 8 x 1 hour sessions focused on generating greater health and wellbeing at all core levels of your life. It’s a generic process, with proven results for thousands of people, yet the results are unique to your needs, potentials, typologies and growth edges.

We will schedule the additional 7 sessions at the end of the first. Online sessions are delivered via GoogleMeet/Zoom or phone.

Please allow up to 2 hours per session, and up to 2 hours before each session, as close as possible to the scheduled time, as you will have each level’s audio lecture to listen to and self reflection journaling to do before the session.

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